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Camp 404 is an outdoor project founded by a good friend of mine, Dave Beare. Together, we offer guided wild camping expeditions in the Laker District and Dartmoor. If you’ve never wild camped before but always wanted to try, Camp 404 is for you.

Our 2023 events were a resounding success and we’re looking forward to our next wild camping trips with you.

Wild camping is a very special experience, it involves walking into the wild, away from the crowds, and pitching a tent somewhere remote, quiet and peaceful. After a good days walk, you’ll can sit quietly on a hillside watching the sun go down before you settle into your tent for the night. If you’re up early enough, you may see your first mountain sunrise. These are moments of solitude and escapism you won’t forget.

Dave and I both love wild camping but more than this, we are passionate about responsible wild camping and we want to share this ethos with you. It is important to us that expeditions are carried out with respect to the environment and to local communities.

Since the Covid-19 lockdown has eased, you will have seen some negative stories in the press about irresponsible “wild campers” scarring our landscape. Much like fly tipping, these “fly campers” have left discarded equipment, rubbish and smouldering BBQs in our fields, forests and wild places. To read more about this problem, visit Dave’s Wild Camping page.

Camp 404 is the opposite of this. We will teach you how to camp responsibly, to leave no trace and to enjoy the wilderness with zero impact. Our expeditions are for people who haven’t wild camped before, or those who have done it a few times but want to improve their camp craft. We’ll teach you the skills you need to be a successful and respectful wild camper and to understand what leave no trace really means.

Our camping expeditions will always be in a small group so we have minimal impact on the environment. We want to inspire and support you to have your own adventures.

What you’ll learn

Below are just some of the things we will cover on the training and the expedition:

  • Choosing the right kit and equipment
  • “Leave no trace” and what it really means
  • The ethos of “arrive late, leave early”
  • Wild camping regulations and the law
  • Responsible camping with zero impact
  • Wild camping etiquette
  • How to choose a good spot for your tent
  • Cooking outdoors
  • Navigation skills & map reading
  • Flora & fauna
  • Respecting the environment and the local community

How to book

If you want to try a wild camping expedition with Camp 404, you’ll first need to complete a training day with Dave where you’ll find out what to expect, learn essential knowledge and get to practice the skills you’ll need.

Once you’ve completed your training with Dave, you will be able to book your expedition on this website.

If you have any questions, please contact myself or Dave.