Outdoor Coaching & Mentoring

Inspire, Enthuse, Explore, Support, Encourage and Motivate!

I offer coaching for navigation, expedition skills, GPS, online mapping technology, outdoor safety and camp craft. If you are working towards one of the mountain training walking qualifications, I can support and coach you along the way. My coaching style is relaxed, friendly, inclusive and encouraging. If you don’t have the confidence to go it alone or need support to access the countryside, I will develop a bespoke session based on your goals.

I also offer a consultancy service, so if you are thinking of setting up your own walking group or want to become a walking group leader I can help advise and point you in the right direction, whether that’s to recommend what qualifications you will need or to support your organising and planning.

If you are training for an outdoor award, I’ll give you an accurate picture of where you are and I can help to prepare you for what’s ahead. My courses are ideal for those pursuing MTA awards including Summer Mountain Leader, Hill and Moorland Leader and Lowland Leader. We’ll also discuss the particular aspects of what you can expect as you go through your Mountain Leader training, consolidation period and assessment week.