Specialised Navigation Courses

If you want to enhance your navigation skills, you may be interested in a bespoke course.

Online Webinar: How to use OS Maps online

In this 2-hour webinar course I will walk you through how to use the powerful OS Maps online mapping tool created by the Ordnance Survey to create your own walking routes in the UK.

NNAS Navigation Courses

I am accredited and trained to deliver NNAS (National Navigation Award Scheme) courses. I am a Course Director and have experience of delivering and assessing both Bronze, Silver & Gold. I can also create a bespoke session (beginner to advanced) based upon requirements and experience.


Micro-navigation is the practise of finding small map details in the physical environment using pacing, timing, observation and other navigation techniques. A micro-navigation day is fun for all walkers, however Summer Mountain Leader candidates, Lowland Leader, Hill & Moorland will benefit greatly from a session to improve fine navigational skills. Depending on your existing skill level, courses will be tailored to suit your objectives.

Night Navigation

How would you cope in the mountains if you got lost in poor visibility or it became dark before you completed your walk? Are your existing navigation skills good enough in a night-time environment?

This evening course will cover the basics of night navigation as well as more advanced techniques. The goal is to enable you to transfer your existing navigational skills into a night-time environment, or poor visibility. Weather is unpredictable in hill and mountain environments and the navigation skills you will learn on this course can be used when you encounter fog, mist or low cloud.

Contour Only Navigation

During this day session you will have an opportunity to try contour-only navigation using a contour-only map of Kinder. Being able to read the shape of the land and how to navigate by contours will really help you to develop your vision of the land around you as you walk and it will enhance your general map reading skills.

GPS Devices and On-line Mapping

GPS devices must never be relied upon as your main tool for navigating, but are useful for a back up in an emergency situation or to pinpoint your precise location if you are practicing micro-navigation.

So, just how well do you know your preferred GPS device or app? Have you explored all of its functions and can you access them quickly with cold fingers while wearing gloves? Does it work on airplane mode and how much battery life will you need? Would you like to find out how to enable your smartphone to function as a GPS?

These questions and more will be covered. I have a broad range of experience with a variety of GPS devices and apps and I will provide you with advice on the different functions of each.